Windows 7 Activation

Few Tips For a Successful Windows 7 Activation


So far, Microsoft's most stable windows version is windows 7. It has the latest security updates with Microsoft’s WAT (Windows Activation Technologies).
People love windows 7 because it's really simple and user friendly, but the most powerful operating system ever built. Not many people have money to buy the original operating system.
So people tend to use a windows 7 activator or a validator to use it.
Download Windows 7 Loader Activator

Why Not a Keygen?

It is always a security risk to download keygens and cracks from internet. Most of the keygens are hacking tools that hackers use to spread their malicious softwares and tools. It's always better to scan them before opening that kind of cracking tools. With a virus guard installed in your computer or an online virus scanner like,, you can easily scan it for viruses. Online scanners like virustotal, are always have the latest updates of at least 45 virus scanners. So your file get scanned by top 45 virus guards instead of one.

When you are downloading a windwos 7 activator, you can always use google search engine, youtube or populer torrent sites. But here is an important thing to keep in your mind. Before downloading, have a look at the number of positive comments or likes given by the previous downloaders. If it is having lots of negative comments or dislikes, that means it is a fake program or a virus. Now you know how to filter out the fake activators.

Keep Your Windows 7 Installation Safe

After downloading a windows 7 activator, it is recommended to do a virus scan. Then it is really simple to activate the windows like 123. You just have to click a button named like, "install" or "patch". Then wait few minutes and it will automatically restart the windows to apply the registry patches. It may take more than usual time to restart your PC. But do not turn off by force, let it restart by own. After the restart and login, now you should have genuine windows 7. You can always check it by left click on the "Computer" icon on desktop and then click on properties. You'll notice now it is having genuine windows 7 label in the bottom of the menu.

Windows 7 Activation Tips & Tricks

Windows 7 Activator

Windows 7 Activator